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by Ron M. on iHEARMAX
Great value, my hearing seems almost normal again.

Great value, my hearing seems almost normal again.Getting better as I use it.

by Member on iHEARMAX
I got the Diva and I'm very satisfied.

I got the Diva and I'm very satisfied. They are better than the aids i had thru an audiologist. Came preprogrammed as i emailed them my test results. Ordered them on a Friday and got them on the next Tuesday. Audiologist wanted $4000 for a pair and this pair was $999 with the works including a programming kit so, as my hearing gets worse, I can adjust them. Very happy!

by David T. on iHEARMAX
Great Quality, Best Value and Very Good Support

My comments apply to the sales and technical support for IHear Medical. I am living out of the US and as of now unable to purchase the iHear Max due to legal and technical limitations. That said, I have been having a discussion with iHear on the appropriateness of their hearing aid for my hearing loss, which is asymmetrical and profound in one ear. They have been very patient with my questions and helpful with their answers even though I am not a current user of their device. My next hearing aids will be my fourth time though and I am encouraged that this company is committed to offering a high quality hearing aid at a reasonable cost. If their hearing aid and service after the sale is as good as their service before the sale, it has to be very good. They have never tried to push sell me something but have been willing to help me. Thank you iHear Medical.

by Myra D. on iHEARMAX

These are very nice hearing aids, comfortable and easy to work with. The hearing aids are new, and I am still getting used to them. However, the hearing aids have already helped me tremendously. The hearing aids were within my budget. The supplies are reasonably priced. And the customer service folks at Ihearmedical are awesome! Helpful, friendly, and courteous, very patient with all my questions. Yes, I would recommend Ihearmedical to my friends. In fact, I already have.

by Anonymous on iHEARMAX
Now I'm hearing like a teenager, especially enjoying music again.

After merciless pestering from the family, I went into a local hearing center and came out with a set of top end aids, a new credit card with $6,500 balance, and a 30 day return period. Then I did exhaustive research of the internet, big box stores, and other local centers, I decided to try iHear Max. Boy, am I glad I did. Delivery was fast, the devices seem well made, and support has been exceptional. After the initial test, Rene' recommended initial settings and I programmed them in. It was a little tedious at first, but fun. Over three months I've made two minor adjustments. Now I'm hearing like a teenager, especially enjoying music again. And the credit debt is gone!

by Steven B, on iHEARMAX
Superior to my $5000 previous aids

Superior to my $5000 previous aids. The self tuning us a big plus. Better than I expected and the support has been excellent. I am very satisfied with my purchase.

by David P. on iHEARMAX
Love my new aids!!

I have used hearing aids in the past and have not liked their performance or fit. The iHEAR Max so far is the best performing hearing aids I have used. Setting up and programming was a breeze. Hearing is wonderful. Love the fit.Many extras ie: programming , fit, battery changing fast and easy. Love my new aids!!

by David L. on iHEARMAX
I Am 1000 percent satisfied.

Before I ordered I was tested at Costco and their hearing aids were $2,700 for the ones they recommended it. I've been found out about this company I hear. You can do your own test but instead I paid an extra hundred dollars and sent them my test from Costco so when my hearing aids arrived they were already set up. I put them on and never look back. I understand it supposed to take a long time to adjust your hearing aids. However I had no adjustment needed with these I heard perfectly with no problems except the first two days hearing my own voice sounded funny. I Am 1000 percent satisfied.

by Frank L. on iHEARMAX
more satisfied with the iHEAR Max hearing aids than any other brand I have tried

I have had these iHEAR Max hearing aids for almost a month now. Previously, I had tried several different brands of hearing aids ranging from $800/pr to $2000/pr. I can honestly say I have been more satisfied with the iHEAR Max hearing aids than any other brand I have tried. My next step up would have been to a $3000 pair of hearing aids and I don't expect that I would have gotten any more value than I have with these. The most important feature is being able to program the hearing aids. I am a computer tech and have vast amounts of computer experience. None of that matters. The software is easy to install, the programming cable is easy to connect, and the program is easy to run. The thing that makes it all worth while is being able to answer the programming questions for yourself. And being able to re-program. I have done this many times. The more I go through the programming, the better the hearing aids become. It is a good idea to make a log of all the settings you use so you can refer back to previous programs. I have been very happy with my iHEAR Max's and I look forward to enjoying them for a long time. I also can't wait to see what becomes available next from iHEARThanks, great job,

by Robert N. on iHEARMAX
I'm am thrilled with my hearing aids.

I'm am thrilled with my hearing aids. A huge part of my job is to support Alarm System dealer's technicians over the phone. The ability to hear the technicians is key to helping them resolve their support issues. With my hearing aids I will be able to meet the call volume we get on a daily basis. The better I hear the faster I can provide the technical support I was hired to do. My hearing aids are a game changer and I thank God I have have them to support field technicians, and to communicate well with my fellow employees more so than before.At home I don't need to blast the television on the chance I'll here what is being said. Now I can hear the audio and I don't need to rewind to listen to what was said nor do I need subtitles at the bottom of the television to read what was said on a program.Yesterday I was listening to music and I was listening to a familiar song. I was shocked to hear the additional instruments that previously I hadn't heard before. Hearing good is great!

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