iHear Medical Launches Hearing For All Campaign on Indiegogo

Offering New Hearing Products and Free Hearing Aids to the Economically Disadvantaged

SAN LEANDRO, CA- February 6, 2014- iHear Medical announced today the launch of the Hearing For All campaign on the Indiegogo website. The campaign offers a free hearing device to an economically disadvantaged individual for every hearing device ordered from the Indiegogo site. With pricing for 100% digital hearing aids starting at $199 per device, the company brings the cost of advanced hearing aids in line with prescription eyeglasses.

iHear Medical is a medical device startup dedicated to developing technologically advanced hearing solutions, delivered directly to consumers online at a fraction of the cost of traditional hearing aids. In the US alone, there are over 40 million Americans who suffer from hearing loss, and while the vast majority can be successfully treated with a hearing device, only 22% currently use them. “The iHear device and our proprietary online tools offer consumers not only huge cost savings, but also control over the fitting process from the convenience of their home,” stated Adnan Shennib, Founder & CEO of iHear Medical. iHear is targeting tech savvy consumers who want sensible pricing and desire to retain an active lifestyle with a hearing device worn invisibly inside the ear. iHear Medical has committed to delivering 1,000 hearing devices, free of charge, in collaboration with Hearing For All and hearing advocacy groups.

About Hearing For All

Hearing For All is a non-profit organization founded by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs to provide hearing solutions to economically disadvantaged individuals, and to address hearing loss as a global problem with epidemic proportions. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates 5% of the world’s population, or approximately 360 million people, suffer from disabling hearing loss. After spending decades in the hearing aid industry, the founding entrepreneurs realized that most individuals cannot afford the extremely high cost of hearing products currently on the market. Hearing for All is also dedicated to connecting industry leaders, visionaries, health care providers, and charity organizations to implement its mission of helping people with hearing loss, regardless of their economic status.

About iHear Medical

iHear Medical is dedicated to creating affordable and accessible hearing solutions, featuring superior sound quality and innovative web-enabled tools. We are changing the way consumers deal with hearing loss by offering high quality hearing products directly to the consumer at a fraction of the cost. Our patented online platform and professional customer support enable consumers to directly control the dispensing process from the comfort and privacy of their homes. Our founders haveled and launched several successful Silicon Valley companies and demonstrated an exceptional track record in bringing novel hearing solutions to the market. The iHear team holds over 100 US and International patents in miniature hearing electronics and medical devices.

iHear Medical is headquartered in the San Francisco bay area.

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