Patented wireless technology enables new business models to break down persisting barriers to hearing health.


SAN LEANDRO, Calif.Feb. 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- iHEAR Medical announced plans to launch new subscription plans designed to make advanced hearing technology more affordable and accessible for the millions of Americans suffering from untreated hearing loss. With iHEAR's patented technology, consumers will be able to subscribe to advanced hearing aids and optional wireless services on a pay-as-you-go model or at a low monthly fee. iHEAR's subscription hearing solutions allow consumers to personalize their hearing experience to suit their budget and individual needs, in line with mobile subscriptions.


About 86% of Americans with hearing loss, over 30 million people, currently go untreated, making hearing impairment one of the most common forms of disability in the United States. The consequences of untreated hearing loss include lower income and higher incidence of depression, social isolation and cognitive decline. Recent reports indicate how hearing aid use can be a life changing experience for many, however, the majority remain untreated due to persistent barriers that include high cost of acquisition and limited accessibility.


"iHEAR's patented service model lowers the entry point and saves consumers money by providing opportunities to subscribe to a combination of devices and services that addresses individual hearing needs and budget," said John Luna, CEO of iHEAR Medical. "Consumers will have the flexibility to adjust their subscription as their needs change."


iHEAR will launch its subscription service in conjunction with mobile apps for wireless programming of its next generation hearing device featuring Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity and enabling consumers to conveniently and discreetly interact with smart devices in their environment.


iHEAR's subscription devices and services will be offered through its proprietary web-based platform, which offers end-to-end solutions from home hearing screening to self-programming and remote professional support of hearing devices. iHEAR hearing aids, including the iHEARhd, iHEARmax and Eva by iHEAR. iHEAR's hearing solutions platform also includes the iHEARtest, the first and only FDA-cleared home hearing screener, which allows consumers to quickly and conveniently assess their hearing ability and obtain a Hearing Number™ with a recommendation for potential hearing aid use based on World Health Organization guidelines.


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About iHEAR Medical, Inc. 
iHEAR Medical is a venture-backed firm dedicated to addressing the global need for affordable and accessible hearing solutions. iHEAR is pioneering direct-to-consumer and over-the-counter hearing solutions with 50 patents issued and pending in its intellectual property portfolio. iHEAR's hearing solutions platform delivers effective hearing solutions at a fraction of the cost of conventional products. For more information about iHEAR Medical, visit:

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