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We are pleased to announce the acquisition of iHEAR Medical by InnerScope Hearing Technologies, a leader in the direct-to-consumer hearing health industry.  We expect to resume full operation by October 25, 2021. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.We look forward to continue serving our valued customers with affordable, high-quality hearing products.

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by Bill A. on iHEARMAX
Excellent value and performance

With minor/moderate hearing loss, I was facing a $4750 price tag for hearing aids recommended by my ENT and audiologist. I did some research and found iHearMedical. Intrigued by the option of tuning my own hearing aids, I decided to take a chance and purchase a pair of iHearMax hearing aids.

I have worn my hearing aids full time since the first day I got them, and I’m 100% pleased. I believe they represent a major breakthrough/paradigm shift in hearing aid price and performance, as iHearMedical claims. These are not cheap toys or Personal Hearing Amplification Devices (PSAD’s) – they are professional quality programmable hearing aids at an extremely low price.

Based on my success, I purchased a pair as a gift for my sister (moderate hearing loss) and worked with my brother in law (moderate hearing loss) to get him a pair. I helped both of them to choose tips and tune them. All 3 of us are now successfully wearing the iHearMax hearing aids with outstanding results.

Being technically oriented, I thought I wanted all the bells and whistles available in more expensive hearing aids (such as Bluetooth integration and remote control). Based on my experience, I’ve concluded that these features are not important. Wearing my iHearMax hearing aids, I can use the phone and watch TV perfectly, while I couldn’t before. They are easily adjustable to different programs (for noisy environments) by pushing a button.

A few points that may help:
1.THE TUNER IS A MUST: The tuner and the ability to customize these hearing aids is critical. Without the tuner, the hearing aids may help a bit, but they will not be customized to your specific hearing loss, as hearing aids from an audiologist would be. With the tuner, you will get results as good as you would get from high priced hearing aids.
2.SELECTING THE RIGHT TIPS IS TRICKY: The tips come in different sizes, some vented and some not. The size and venting are critically important and need to be proper for your ear canal size and your type of hearing loss. I had several phone calls with the extremely helpful iHearMedical Support team to get this right for all 3 of us.
3.GET HELP IF NEEDED: You will need some dexterity to handle these or any hearing aids. They are small and need to be cared for. You will need some familiarity with computers and small electronics to use the tuner. If you don’t have these basic skills, get help for about an hour from someone who has them.

by Paul B on iHEARMAX

love these things!
I'd been wearing an expensive audiologist supplied hearing aid in one ear for several years and was pretty happy with it. It was a Bluetooth compatible device with an app that let you make adjustments to the aid which was great while it worked.That feature failed after a year or so and was the only way to make adjustments.
After a few years we moved about 6 hours away from the audiologist so I could no longer get free adjustments. A new audiogram showed that the hearing in my bad ear had gotten worse, plus the good ear was going downhill. I took the aid to an audiologist who carried the same brand and got some adjustments but they were entitled to a fee for adjusting an aid that they hadn't sold and that was pretty costly. This wasn't going to work for the long term.
I started doing some online looking. I tried two different non prescription hearing amplifiers which amplified alright, but they amplified all noise as well as what I wanted to hear. In many situations they made my hearing worse. They were also bulky and uncomfortable to wear.
Somewhere along the way I came across the iHear devices online. Hearing aids that I could program myself? I had to know more. I had a ton of questions and I bombarded the customer service people with them, pretty much making myself a pain in the butt. Nonetheless they patiently answered all of my questions patiently and fully. I sent them a copy of my most recent audiogram and they frankly told me that their devices could likely help my hearing, but not completely and perfectly due to the severe high frequency loss in my right ear. They made clear that they wouldn't help my right ear tinnitus, which I already knew. The iHear return policy is good, and I would surely know if the aids suited me within that time. I ordered the pair of iHear Max, the hearing test, and the programming kit,all for less money than my single audiologist hearing aid. The iHear techs programmed them as best they could based on my audiogram.
When everything arrived I was super impressed as soon as I opened the boxes. The devices are really tiny- smaller than my expensive model, and they look and feel just as well made.The packaging and printed materials are totally professionally done and are very informative and easy to understand. I put in some batteries and fired them up. Amazing! Know the feeling and sound when you have water in your ears and then it finally comes out?That's what this was like. I realized for the first time how much I was missing from my good ear. As the iHear people had told me, my bad ear did not show as dramatic an improvement but it was still pretty impressive. Easily as good as my high priced model. With both in place I was hearing things I hadn't heard in years. Over the next several days I wore them in many different environments: a noisy restaurant, a dinner theater show, outdoors, driving in the car,listening to music, a live Celtic music concert, etc. Between the four different settings of the hearing aids I was able to find a setting for just about any situation.I decided to wear them as is for the time being.
After about a week I took the hearing test which is necessary before you use the programmer. The kit comes with a calibrated set of earphones and works like a simplified online version of an audiologist's test-a series of beeps and tweets of different frequencies and volumes played in each ear. Then I was able to attach my hearing aids to the programming device and the programming app programmed each hearing aid to best match the hearing test results. After that, they worked even better for me. The programmer lets the user control the levels of various frequency bands which are labeled in layman's terms like “womans soft voice”, “man's voice,loud”etc. These can then be programmed into the aids.I will probably go back into the programmer again and play around with some of these levels, since I like to tinker, but just as they are programmed right now, they suit my needs very well.
A great many people who need hearing aids are older folks on a fixed income,as I am. Custom audiologist supplied hearing aids are a huge investment and quite out of the reach of many people,especially seniors. The whole kit and caboodle from iHear cost less than half what the cheapest professionally fitted hearing aids would cost(Costco). If you or anyone you know is in the situation I was in, I'd strongly suggest that you consider these fine hearing aids from iHear. I don't think you can go wrong.

by Ron M. on iHEARMAX
Great value, my hearing seems almost normal again.

Great value, my hearing seems almost normal again.

Getting better as I use it.

by Member on iHEARMAX
I got the Diva and I'm very satisfied.

I got the Diva and I'm very satisfied. They are better than the aids i had thru an audiologist. Came preprogrammed as i emailed them my test results. Ordered them on a Friday and got them on the next Tuesday. Audiologist wanted $4000 for a pair and this pair was $999 with the works including a programming kit so, as my hearing gets worse, I can adjust them. Very happy!

by David T. on iHEARMAX
Great Quality, Best Value and Very Good Support

My comments apply to the sales and technical support for IHear Medical. I am living out of the US and as of now unable to purchase the iHear Max due to legal and technical limitations. That said, I have been having a discussion with iHear on the appropriateness of their hearing aid for my hearing loss, which is asymmetrical and profound in one ear. They have been very patient with my questions and helpful with their answers even though I am not a current user of their device. My next hearing aids will be my fourth time though and I am encouraged that this company is committed to offering a high quality hearing aid at a reasonable cost. If their hearing aid and service after the sale is as good as their service before the sale, it has to be very good. They have never tried to push sell me something but have been willing to help me. Thank you iHear Medical.

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  • High definition programmable hearing aid
  • Invisible behind the ear
  • Water and sweat resistant
  • 4 sound profiles and volume control
Compare At $2400
Price: $499  $349

Starting at $38/month with 0% APR. Prequalify now

Compare At $2400
Price: $499  $349

Starting at $38/month with 0% APR. Prequalify now

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Compare At $2400

Price: $499  $349

Starting at $38/month with 0% APR. Prequalify now

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What iHEAR Hearing Aid Users are Saying:

"I am so used to the iHEARhd being in my ear now, I forget it's there. I noticed real improvement hearing people who are NOT facing me, I realize that I was doing a lot of lip reading before."
Thomas D. Newark, Delaware
"I have been wearing hearing aids all my adult life. With the iHEARmax, I have been able to fine tune in very close to my needs. I will say that with my extremely poor hearing, I am able to use these quite well. All in all, I am very satisfied. This is a solid product."
Glenn F. Raleigh, North Carolina
"These are very nice hearing aids, comfortable and easy to work with. And the customer service folks at iHEAR Medical are awesome! Helpful, friendly, and courteous, very patient with all my questions. Yes, I would recommend iHEAR Medical to my friends. In fact, I already have."
Myra D. Gainesville, Floria
"I have used hearing aids in the past and have not liked their performance or fit. The iHEARmax so far is the best performing hearing aid I have used. Setting up and programming was a breeze. Hearing is wonderful. Love the fit. Love my new aids!!"
David P. Charlottesville, Virginia
"I have not heard this good in 10-15 years. I spent $8,000 dollars on my previous hearing aids, and these by far are better. My work stress has been reduced by 90%. "
Jeff B. Santa Fe, New Mexico

"The iHEAR device is up and running! Took my husband to the movies for the first time in ages yesterday. He watched the whole movie without asking me - what did they say?"
Sandy K. Cibolo, Texas

"Kudos to iHEAR – from the easy set up, clear instructions and great quality sound — I couldn’t be happier!"
Richard P. Austin, Texas

"I used them as they came out of the box - Absolutely marvelous! After taking the time to do the on-line testing and adjustment, I am happy to report an enjoyable all-around hearing experience. One pleased customer here, I have already and will continue to recommend iHEAR to others."
Rick H. Lacey, Washington

"I could hear the radio across the room. My boss was so impressed that I could hear better now than with my old hearing aids - They have surpassed my expectations!"
Steve M. Sacramento, California

"Very comfortable, easy to use, and changing the batteries is quick and simple. I can hear 100% better than before - I fully appreciate how this significantly improved my quality of life."
Ethel. R. Oakland, CA

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hearing aids, hearing aids cost, prices of hearing aids, hearing aid review
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